SQL Development Process

My SQL Development process:

Define: I work with you to analyze your current environment, including tools and business processes, and define your needs.
Document: I document our analysis for your review so that everyone is in agreement on requirements before moving forward.
Design: I build a custom solution that meets your needs as defined and documented.
Refine: I understand that things change, and our process is intentionally left flexible and iterative in order to meet the dynamic requirements of your business. Reviews are conducted throughout the process to ensure that the solution is on track to exceed customer expectations.
Deploy and Support: When your solution is complete and ready for turnover I don’t leave you on your own. I am always available for additional support and will continue to check in to ensure that things are working as expected.

Services Provided:

Database Design and Development
SQL Server Reporting Solutions
ERP Support and integration
Business process automation

Putting the Intelligence into your BI Solutions

1. the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

All too often, BI solutions are architected by people who know little to nothing about your business. We are here to change that. Our first goal is to acquire knowledge about your business. We want to learn everything we can about how you run your company. What are your goals and your challenges? What questions are you trying to answer? What are your current business processes and what tools are being used to support those? Our second goal is to apply that knowledge to architect custom solutions that deliver the data you need in an actionable manner.

About Kate Grass

I have been writing SQL code for over a decade with extensive experience in the Aerospace manufacturing industry. I love working with companies and users to figure out what data they need and then making it happen. If you want to work with someone who knows what she is doing and can talk to people then contact me here:
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