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Let’s Get Meta at SQL Saturday Orange County 2017

I’m presenting a session at SQL Saturday, Orange County on April 1, 2017!  Join me for my one hour session, “Let’s Get Meta: an Overview of ETL Frameworks using Biml”.

Do you have SSIS projects that have grown unwieldy, become difficult to troubleshoot or suffer from performance issues? Or maybe you’re getting ready to start a new ETL project and want to learn more about how you can gain efficiency while adding value to your solution?

I’ll be discussing the concept of an ETL framework and the potential elements that can be incorporated within one. We will look at the advantages of implementing a framework based on metadata and look at some database design options for storing that metadata.

To start you off on your framework building journey, I’ll introduce Biml and BimlScript and provide some simple code demos to showcase how Biml can be used to help automate your SSIS package generation. This session will be geared for those with a beginner to intermediate knowledge of SSIS and SQL. While we won’t be teaching Biml in great detail, you’ll get an overview of the technology and pointers on where to learn more.

Hope to see you there!